VXI Call Center

Date Posted: 2012-07-13

Second to none, the VXI Global Solutions bluntly aims "to be the best Contact and IT Solutions company in the world every single day". Such mission highlights VXI Call Center bold objective that intends to achieve in every single transaction and customer interaction that it conducts. Formerly known as Multi-Cultural-Marketing, VXI Call Center was founded on 1997 with the vision to provide an efficient method to customer management flawlessly integrated with its own brand of customer service and high technology. VXI Call Center initially started as a fully integrated customer contact center with expertise in multilingual and multicultural solutions. VXI Global Solutions now belongs on top 50 telemarketing companies in the US.

For its customer contact management service, VXI Call Center offers In-language capabilities, customer customer acquisition, customer care that turns interaction to satisfaction and retention, inbound and outbound service offering for lead generation, help desk ad tech support on different products and services, data entry and processing, account management and business to business solutions. For its IT solutions, VXI Global Solution offers Quality Assurance and software testing, software application development, application management and maintenance, Data & Business Intelligence Warehousing (Oracle and ERP) as well as IT Infrastructure technical management. In conducting its IT solutions, VXI Call Center relies beyond the technical expertise of its personnel but provide a thorough risk alleviation process, unified emphasis on quality, proficient project management and sophisticated communication and global delivery services.

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