SPI Global Philippines

Date Posted: 2012-07-19

SPI Global Philippines continues to evolve and remain exceptional in customer interaction while it simultaneously develop multiple competencies to provide a more comprehensive outsourcing capacity. Apart from the healthcare and Publishing industries, it has extended its services to include financial, government, IT and even no profit institutions in identified niche countries.

In terms of content solutions, SPI Global Philippines aims to maximize the value of online and offline content of its clients by revolutionizing their business mode, improving operational efficiency and augmenting its clients’ service system. For customer relationship management, SPI Global Philippines delivers customized solutions aimed to build deeper relationships between its clients and its customers by aligning the culture, value system, and business requirements of its clients with that of the company. Finally, in healthcare, SPI Global values the importance of healthcare for every individual for the wellbeing of every person.

SPI Global brand defines what the company is: value driven, customized service, deeper relations, which serve as the principal agents the drive its business. It relies on three factors in service delivery namely, people, solutions and innovations. Simplicity of approach and philosophy is what made SPI Global the best BPO Company of 2011. It is a well established company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. SPI Global Philippines has a global network of offices and a global clientele. It is powered by specialists and experts and not by mere professionals who have undergone training. It continuously to innovate itself to better improve its services. It is driven by excellence by adopting and improving the best practices in the global industry. SPI Global Philippines provides a high level of secure in its systems, database, processes and facilities. And finally, it puts socially responsibility at the heart of its operations by elevating the standards of living of the society where it thrives.

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