What is CSAT in BPO?

Date Posted: 2012-06-28

Working in a call center company can already identify what is the meaning of CSAT IN BPO. A CSAT is a survey that a customerís receives after calling and talking with a call center representative. It is a customerís satisfaction survey so to speak. This kind of survey is a part of input in the performance of the support representative. This kind of surveys main reason is that to let the customers know or gauge them if they perform well during the telephone conversations, if they handle well the situations or if they act according to their duties as a call center representative. Asking information on how they handle the situations and by means of this they are being rated on how well the services rendered to them.

Various questions are being ask by the representative to the customers; these includes the, was the agent helpful, these questions will automatically gauge the representative on how well he/she handles the calls on the other side of the line. Was the information clearly elaborated, was there any question that delivered with such helpful tips in order for the customer to feel satisfied, were they helpful enough on the concerns of the other party?

These are the questions on how the representative handles the situations. Another question, was the agent courteous? Is he /she has the courtesy as an agent expect to deliver. Being courteous as a representative can gain already the confidence on the other side of the line, being courteous on the line also expects the other that they will also behave like you do. Next is if the concern or query answered, there are instances that a customer will ask a certain questions and cannot received a satisfying results on the representative. This scenario is not a good result on the part of the customers, and the best way to deal with it is to ask with honestly and with conviction that the queries will be answered according to the satisfaction of the customer.

Having a call on their customerís representative lines means have a question that needs to be address clearly. And having received an answer that will satisfy the customers will automatically have a plus point for the agent to be surveyed. Having the issue resolved is a good sign that the call center representative really knows the jobs he/she handles.

Sample scores could be between the rates the agents showed or how effective he/she handles the situations. It could be a 1 which is the lowest score, and 10 is the highest. The ratings is the average score of the agents overall CSAT specific call. Doing CSAT sometimes could be motivating on the part of the customerís representatives, but sometimes it is also a frustrating situation. However, doing jobs with passion and dedication canít feel bad when this CSAT in BPO happens.

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